Payment Options

Please note: In-person hours of operation are 9:00am-4:00pm with a closure from 12:30-1:30pm daily. To avoid lines, we encourage students to pay online whenever possible.

Cape Breton University accepts the following methods of payment:

In-Person Payments

  • Visit the Office of the Registrar and Admissions (Formerly Enrolment Services)
  • Pay at the front counter using cash, bank draft, money order or debit
  • Personal cheque and credit card not accepted for tuition and fees

Note: Many students have limits of $1000 on their cards. Please check this with your bank before visiting campus to make in-person payments.

Online Banking

  • Log into your bank’s website.
  • Select the option to make a payment.
  • Add Cape Breton University as the payee (full university name required).
  • Use your CBU Student ID Number as account number.
  • Double check account number for typing errors to ensure payment is applied to proper student account.
  • Enter payment amount.

Please allow 3-4 business days for online banking payments to be posted to student account. An additional 10-14 business days are required for international banking transactions to be received by CBU.

CIBC Student Pay Portal

With CIBC International Student Pay, you’ll receive:

  • Enhanced Student Experience: Easily make a tuition payment in your preferred currency.
  • Access to Live Foreign Exchange Rates: With CIBC International Student Pay, you’ll have access to the competitive foreign exchange rates CIBC is providing to Cape Breton University students.
  • End-to-End Communication: You’ll receive detailed instructions and a reference code.

There are no transaction charges from CIBC or from CBU.  To make a payment, please go here.

For more information on CIBC International Student Pay, please click here..

To get a quote and payment instruction, please click here.

  • Select the country you are paying from, and how much you want to transfer to CBU.
  • Review the quote, and see up front what the exchange amount will be.
  • When making payments, ensure you chose to pay in the local currency option (i.e Indian Rupees), as that is the preferred exchange rate provided to CBU for students. If you choose to use the Canadian Dollar option there is an administration charge of 1.25% for processing the transaction, this is going to result is higher fees for you. When you choose the Canadian Dollar option, the additional fee will be highlighted and must be agreed upon by the student before finalizing the transaction, so you cannot encounter these fees without warning and agreement.

Compass Account (via CIBC Student Pay) 

Please note only current students with an active CBU email address are eligible to pay via this method. 

  • Please use your 7-digit Compass ID number for this transaction
  • Log in to Compass and go to the “Financial Information” tab on the Student Self-Serve portal
  • Select “Make a Payment” from the drop down list, and you will be directed to the CIBC Student Pay portal
  • Choose the country you are making the payment from by typing or selecting from the drop down menu (Please note: Canada will not be the default)
  • You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, or Direct Debit (you will need your full account number for Direct Debit — not your debit card number)
  • For Direct Debit payments, type your full bank name (Royal Bank, not RBC; Bank of Montreal, not BMO; etc.)
  • Enter required information, including payment amount


Cape Breton University reserves the right, without liability or penalty and without notice, to make changes to its policies and offered services and programs, including alteration of fees, cancellation of particular courses and changes to financial policies including the Refund Policy. Every student accepted for registration in Cape Breton University shall be deemed to have agreed to any such changes, whether made before or after said acceptance. Please see  Cape Breton University Academic Calendar